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Search and import from world-renowned manufacturers of medical and health equipment.

Distribution of products throughout Iran

Customized warranty and after-sales service and customer satisfaction.

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Exirsazan Borna

Major Buyer Partner

Dear colleagues, respected companies and sellers of medical, health and medical instruments, goods and equipment, you can find the full list of products and services of the company by visiting the site and contacting the sales section. It should be noted that partner orders are not single and at least orders for one product (one carton) should be requested and shipping costs will be borne by buyers throughout the country.

Patient equipment at home

Patients discharged from medical centers, post-surgical care and treatment, patients with disabilities at home all deserve to have the best treatment available. Exirsazan Borna, with an experienced team of in-house medical consultants and consultants, offers the best home appliances and rehabilitation.
Make sure to purchase any patient equipment and consult a physician or licensed medical engineer to ensure that the equipment is genuine and functional.

Equipping health centers

Exirsazan Borna Company, with its team of medical engineers, is ready to fully equip public health centers, offices and specialized therapeutic clinics, and in this regard will provide all kinds of new and advanced public and advanced equipment for operating medical centers in Provides different levels